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Do you fantasize about sleeping with a hot rock-singer? Then, I am the right choice for you. I am Eva; I am a lead singer in my girls-band. My band works for a famous club in Moscow. I want to become a popular singer like Taylor-Swift or Madonna, but the club where I am working pays me quite less. porno de Madrid It doesn’t even cover my basic means of living. Once, my friend suggested me to become an escort, and I decided to give a chance to it. My first date was with a Russian businessman. Surprisingly, it turned out to be best date of my life and on top of that payment was quite good too. From that day, I decided to work as full time escort and started working for my club on contractual basis. I didn’t know that I would enjoy dating so much. I love going on romantic dates, telling them my experiences as a rock star and later making out with them in their apartment. I am a cool chic with straight golden hair, well toned athletic body, sexy tine breasts and look amazing once I dawn mascara in my eyes. I can be your cool girlfriend for evening hours, going to pubs, dance party or my favorite dinner date with you .Later, in my apartment, I will give you passionate kisses to arouse your passion and then indulge in other sexual activities. I am a real delight for those who fantasize about controlling a rebel girl. You can tie my hands to the chair or bed, ripped my clothes with a knife and ravish my womanhood. I love indulging in erotic fantasies where men tie me up and love me passionately. Please contact my agency to get a date with me as your cool girlfriend or for romantic dinner dates. I would be happy to provide my service. 

My sex story

As an escort, I love having adventurous sexual encounter with my customers. I get really bored with traditional anal sex or regular oral job. I was really looking for wild sexual encounter; one day God answered my prayers.
A Chinese businessman arrived in my apartment for sex service. He was looking for a wild sexual encounter. The guy told me his wife was really not interested in sex. He told me it was years he had fucked a woman. I really felt sympathetic for him. I asked him whether he was looking for hanging out or something. He replied straight no. He told me he was looking for just pure sex.
I told him, “Okay, so what exactly he wanted me to do?”
With a mischievous look in his eyes, “he told me to lie down on bed” I did exactly that.
He tied my hands to 4 corners of bed, blindfolded my eyes with a black cloth. I shivered when he did this to me and had no idea what he was going to do to my body. Then, he unbuttoned my shirt, removed my pants and soon I was naked tied up in a vulnerable position. The guy took ice cube from the fridge and put it on my lips. The ice cube went all over my body such as from lips to breasts to navel and finally in my vagina. As Ice cube entered my vagina; I had an orgasm.
He kept on applying ice cube till they were finished. Then, he stroked my hair and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. While kissing, his hands were juggling my breasts. Soon, his lips moved from my lips to my neck and going down all over my body.  I didn’t know when he lifted my legs, put it on his shoulder and inserted his cock gently inside my body. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. He kept on fucking me like this till he ejaculated inside my body. I scratch his back in excitement.
After that, he un-cuffed my hands and slept beside me. In morning, I thanked him for giving me such a sexual pleasure. I asked him when he was going to come again. He told me soon. Like a women in heat, I am still waiting for my man to fuck me again.

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My sex story

If you had seen 70’s movie, Act of Vengeances, then you must have remembered its villain singing jingle bell, jingle bell tune.  The movie is about one psycho person who raped women while singing this tune. 

One Chinese man was obsessed with this movie and wanted to perform sexual act as shown in movie. He came in my apartment with a movie CD and showed it to me.  He showed me the exact act which he wanted to perform. 
I got scared initially of meeting this psycho and really thought of cancelling the deal. But, the guy convinced me to stay in his apartment. He told me if she feels hurt or violated while making out, then she can report to cops without hesitation.
I felt sympathy looking at his desperation and decided to go for it.  He put a cloth in my mouth, tied my hands to the chair and took out a scissor from his pocket. He started cutting my long frock like a gift present while singing Jingle bell, jingle bell tune too.  I shivered with nervousness thinking what will be his next action. But, he was quite gentle. 
He cut my dress and made me completely nude. After that, he fondled my tits for a while and then started sucking my soft nipples. He kept on doing this till they become swollen red. After that, he removed cloth from my mouth and gave me passionate kisses on my lips. From there, he went down kissing my whole body even my pussy too. I cried with excitement when he started eating my pussy and soon feel wet.
Seeing me getting hotter minute by minute, the guy untied my hands and put me gently on bed. I knew what was coming; hence I spread my legs wide apart so that he can insert his organ comfortably. He unzipped his pants, opened his weapon out and inserted gently in my already wet pussy. His missile went like a hot butter inside my vagina and ejaculated within 10 minutes of inserting it. 
He thanked me after satisfying himself after playing erotic game and went out of my life. After he went out, I thought that my sexual experience was not so bad with him, in-fact, it was great. I watched that movie again and really liked it. I wished that Chinese man come in my life to satisfy my physical hunger. He was one of rarest person who knew how to satisfy woman.